And even if you have to spend a little money on repairs, it’s worth it, because the aging and cult factor of the car actually only increases its value. So we are a little bit more self-sufficient and the new fridge cools more reliable. google_ad_slot = "8058866962"; Order Number 216 010 237 002. //--> Lyon (69) (Voir sur la carte) Location Volkswagen WESTFALIA T3 Joker . Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ae709b96d06a766346a495e855d7b726" );document.getElementById("hf3cd565c5").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Fernweh Koch speichert beim Absenden deine personenbezogenen Daten deines Kommentars, um möglichen Missbrauch zu verhindern. External underbody 8kg LPG tank with Eis-ex (gas preheater for extreme cold temperature use) and 3 tap control. 23.Eyl.2017 - Bu Pin, Dylan Romine tarafından keşfedildi. 7) Volkswagen Westfalia Joker Door Trim Specification. Well, what else can I say great? Order Number 1 030. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème T3 vw, Transporter t3, T6 california. Cost 123.64 DM, Mosquito net for opening window. We can store such a topper in the elevating roof to save space while driving and at night it simply provides more comfort. 12)   VW Westfalia Joker Camper Rear Badges, 13) Links to Volkswagen Westfalia Joker Sales Brochures (Prospekt) and Price Lists (Preisliste). 1) Volkswagen Westfalia Joker engine options and approx price (inclusive tax when new in standard form): From 07/1986 price list. Cost 261.83 DM, Child bed for the cab area. Especially travelling with an old VW bus is a … Order Number 216 112 230 030, Cost 122.60 DM. R1R1 Pastel White (L90D) (Pastellweiss) (with white roof), H3H3 Marsala Red (LH3D) (Marsalarot) (with red roof), W4W4 Titian Red Metallic (LE3T) (Tizianrot metallic) at extra cost 1633.62 DM (with red roof), X2X2 Dove Grey Metallic (LH5U) (Taubengrau Metallic) at extra cost 1633.62 DM (with steel (stahl) blue roof). For us the car is perfect and I also enjoy improving small things on the van. Vanlife and camping is currently a strong trend. In addition, we bought a backseat organizer, in which we organize small stuff, books and Co. You can cook inside and outside of the van. Please read the Disclaimer and Privacy and Cookie Policy before using this site. 5) Volkswagen Westfalia Joker Roof Specification. The 1987 model year T25 / T3 Volkswagen Westfalia Joker Camper was available in two different interior layouts known as Joker 1 (Pop top) and Joker 3 (High top). Order Number 216 005 434 025. Cost 63.38 DM, Awning 250 cm wide. vous propose tout une gamme d'accessoires pour votre VW T3 ,ou volkswagen T3 westfalia joker vous trouverez a un prix deffiant tout concurence des ammenagement specifique au vw T3 tels que isolation de cabine, isolation de toit relevable,auvent pour T3 Etc Cost 1189.66 DM, Awning mounting set for Joker 1 (Pop Top). Nevertheless, such nights have something cozy and romantic, sometimes something adventurous but somehow always something very calming for me. vw t25, t3 westfalia california front and rear logo decal kit $ 53.69 add to cart; vw t25, t3 & vanagon x 2 westfalia joker logo set $ 53.69 select options; vw t25, t3 and vanagon x 2 westfalia joker /club/sport/top joker decal $ 53.69 select options; vw t25, t3 westfalia joker stripes set … The side walls and roof panels (only in Joker 3 Hightop) are made from lined wood panels.     All rights reserved. Made here in Canada. Order Number 216 051 899 101 (Standard on Club Joker). Left side fixed unit and right side is the slider side. These are for LHD vehicles. Cost 39.48 DM, Aluminum cycle rack. Diode control display system on the kitchen unit showing fresh water tank level, leisure battery charge level, indicator when fridge is running on gas and Eis-ex switch and LED indicator to show when Eis-ex is switched on (LPG preheater for use in extreme cold conditions). [CDATA[ Order Number 216 009 238 005. Cost 56.11 DM, Fire extinguisher. Seuil, 2018 (à propos du VW Transporter T3 Joker Westfalia de sa famille dans les années 1980) [2]. Cost 1267.58 DM (Only in conjunction with two runners mentioned above). C $116.72. 1989. BUDDY est un combi VW T3 JOKER qui vous offre tout le confort de l’aménagement JOKER WESTFALIA. Carpet inside covering front wheel arches. The window above the cooker opens. Cost 147.54 DM, 12 v Magnetic Light. Floor area has a plywood sheet with PVC covering. Order Number 216 027 227 002. Here a small repair, there a part exchange. 7 Watching. Ludo Poulseur. Update 24.07.20: Meanwhile we bought a compressor cooler* as an addition, which we connected to the living room battery or to an additional solar bag* (we have a similar one from a German brand, and it seems you can´t get it in other countries). google_ad_slot = "1122842153"; Our Camper - A VW T3 Westfalia Joker from 1984 | Fernweh Koch Vanlife and camping is currently a strong trend. Volkswagen Westfalia Joker T3 1,6TD : Volkswagen T3 Joker Club 1,6TD -- 69 CV DIN Moteur 227000 Km Carnet entretien + suivi 4 couchages Direction assistée Aménagé d'origine par Westfalia Mécanique : … if (document.mmm_fo) document.write ("&mmm_fo=1"); Most of the time we travel with our Günter at a speed of 80-100 Km/h when we are on country roads or the highway. In July 1986 the new updated Volkswagen Westfalia Joker camper was introduced. viens d’être testé ce jour en 220v fonctionne parfaitement fait du froid... laissé pour 200 €. The car is guaranteed not to be quiet either ^^. I could mention here now many more quotations that describe the speed of traveling with the VW bus.Deceleration is the magic word because on a road trip with an old VW bus you simply have time. Voiture disponible sans délais. Cost 358.45 DM, Additional insulated and quilted clip on winter curtain for front windscreen. Would you like to remember this article for reading at Pinterest? 0.50 € x km supplementaire 10) Accessories available at extra cost included: There were many accessories available at extra cost for your Westfalia Joker. Cost 137.15 DM, 11) Volkswagen Westfalia Joker Side Stripes and Logos. And in this way, we stop more often, get into conversation with other people. google_ad_height = 60; Order Number 216 013 250 010. /* WestfaliaT3-468x60, created 07/07/10 */ Such an old car has charm, but of course not only advantages. /* WestfaliaT3-468x15, created 07/07/10 */ Cost 984.97 DM, Cruise Control System. Vente en ligne de Piéces détachées combi type 2 combi VW et transporter Volkswagen de 1950 à 2003 - Transporter T3 (T25) - Westfalia - Westfalia / Equipement sur carrosserie et fenêtre Cost 216.98 DM, 2 Westfalia comfort seats for driver and passenger. Order Number 216 035 227 001. The upholstery with blue / black stripes on a grey base material. Over the engine bay there was an insulating noise absorbing mat. Engine specifications and also external colour options changed as well. Joker logos and stripes on the outside of the vehicle. In addition, a 12V USB socket* is now installed in the living room to charge smartphones and co. Ensuite, les équipements intérieurs peuvent être différents en fonction des options sélectionnées. Order Number 216 096 210 028. Cost 104.94 DM, Kajak attachment. 3 Transistor Lights 12 Volts (additionally there were two reading lights in roof bed on Club Joker 3 hightop models). 230 volts) and also gas. Cost 158.97 DM, Translift Connector. Order Number 216 005 434 035. That’s why we recently bought a 4cm mattress topper*, which you know from box spring beds and the like. Order Number 216 025 270 020. The Volkswagen T25 / T3 Westfalia Joker with Grey Furniture / Dark Grey Edging and Grey Upholstery Model History. VW Westfalia Joker Sales Brochures Prospekt Download, 1987 VW Westfalia Joker and Club Joker Sales Brochure Prospekt (14 Pages Colour), 1987 VW Westfalia Joker and Club Joker Technical Data Prospekt (4 Pages Black and White), 1987 VW Westfalia Joker and Club Joker Sales Brochure Verkoop Prospekt Dutch (14 Pages Colour), 1987 VW Westfalia Joker Hire Brochure Prospekt Huren Dutch (6 Pages Colour), 1987 VW Westfalia Joker and Club Joker Info Sheet Sales Brochure Prospekt (2 Pages Colour), Feb_1987 VW Westfalia Joker and Club Joker Sales Brochure Prospekt Italian (16 Pages Colour), Sept 1987 VW Westfalia Joker and Club Joker Info Sheet Sales Brochure Prospekt (2 Pages Colour), November 1987 VW Westfalia Joker and Club Joker Sales Brochure Prospekt (14 Pages Colour), VW Westfalia Joker Accessories Zubehör Download, Jan 1987 VW Westfalia Joker and Club Joker Accessories Zubehor Brochure Prospekt (14 Pages Colour), Mar 1989 VW Westfalia Accessories Zubehor Brochure Prospekt (20 Pages Colour), VW Westfalia Joker Price Lists Preisliste Download, July 1986 VW Westfalia Joker, Club Joker 1987 Price List Preisliste (4 Pages Black and White), Dec 1986 VW Westfalia Joker, Club Joker 1987 Price List Preisliste (4 Pages Black and White), January 1987 VW Westfalia Accessories Price List Preisliste (4 Pages Black and White), January 1988 VW Westfalia Accessories Price List Preisliste (4 Pages Black and White), April 1988 VW Westfalia Joker, Club Joker Price List Preisliste (4 Pages Black and White), June 1988 VW Westfalia Joker, Club Joker Price List Preisliste (8 Pages Black and White), Feb 1989 VW Westfalia Joker, Club Joker Price List Preisliste (8 Pages Black and White), November 1990 VW Westfalia Joker, California and Atlantic Price List Prijslijst Dutch (1 Page Black and White), Jan 1991 VW Westfalia Accessories Price List Preisliste (6 Pages Black and White), For loads more VW Westfalia T25 / T3 / Vanagon downloads CLICK HERE. Rotating table (80 cm x 40 cm) on metal arm for rear living area. Order Number 216 009 433 021. document.write ("&loc=" + escape(window.location)); Great for bad weather days. Dometic CoolFreeze CDF 11, tragbare elektrische... Mini-Projektor 1080P unterstützt 2400 Lumen Full HD... Kedgeree – Recipe for the English Indian rice pan, Building your own camping toilet – The dry toilet without chemicals, Our Camper – A VW T3 Westfalia Joker from 1984, 50 PS 1,6l suction diesel (as good as unbreakable), Electrolux absorber refrigerator (12V, mains, gas). Relaxing under the additional awning, which we have attached to the Bulli. Objectively considered there are certainly more comfortable possibilities to be on the way and surely also more favorable, if one thinks of the current prices, which such a VW bus costs nowadays. Poulseur 18 nov.. '20. Especially the latter is practical for us because we have less to worry about the living room battery and can simply fill up the gas at the gas station. Cost 46.76 DM, Chemical Toilet. Order Number 216 005 434 010. Because you can do many things yourself, because the technology is not so complicated. Order Number 216 001 434 035. 170000 km. Information about this model is very scarce. Dashboard and steering wheel in black. 6) 3/4 width rock n roll bed for 2 persons (bed is 188 cm x 120 cm when folded out) with bedding storage area under seat. Avec porte-bagages arrière ancien d’origine. var currentTime = new Date() You can also find Fernweh-Koch at Bloglovin and Flipboard. T3 Vanagon. Storage unit along the side with 3 stowage areas. And even if the traffic jam is mostly behind us, there is almost nothing better than to let the landscape pass by while the 50 HP engine in the rear is tugging along. Vendu à 200 € Vends frigo troc electrolux rm 184. Voiture disponible sans délais. if (document.context) document.write ("&context=" + escape(document.context)); google_ad_client = "pub-7444185124011158"; Volkswagen T3 Westfalia Joker. google_ad_height = 15; Cost 135.07 DM, For both Joker 1 and  Joker 3 it was possible to get a removable two seat middle bank unit that sat behind the driver and passenger seats and in front of the rear seat and fastened to rails in the floor. Order Number 216 002 446 001. 220 volt External Hook Up with internal outlet socket and safety trip cut out. Autocollants 'JOKER' refroidissement à eau Gris argent, kit de 10 pièces Pour remettre votre combi westfalia complètement d'origine, il vous manquait sûrement cet autocollant. VW Westfalia Joker 1 Pop Top Roof Version: Inner lining of roof was a soft flock material. Cost 53.51 DM, 12 Litre Water Canister. , 8) Volkswagen Westfalia Joker Standard Model Specification. Volkswagen T3 Westfalia 'Joker' 1.6 Diesel transmission à 4 vitesses. 7) Rear table on swinging arm (80 cm x 40 cm) with light grey surface finish and dark grey edging trim. 3) Wardrobe and storage unit over the engine bay. 4 lits approuvés dans le certificat d’inscription. Essai fourgon Westfalia Joker 3, modèle testé en juillet 2001 Westfalia Les amateurs de fourgons aménagés trouveront ici un grand classique qui a conservé fière allure malgré son âge avancé. € 16,500.- 245,600 km 04/1986 51 kW (69 hp) Used 6 previous owners Manual Diesel 5 tinted and double glazed windows in rear living area. The VW Westfalia Joker 1 Pop Top layout consisted of: 1) Combination cupboard 87 cm wide x 45 cm deep on the left behind the drivers seat with sink, two flame cooker with splash plate. Order Number 217 001 433 030. List price: Previous Price C $159.92. Cost 92.47 DM, Dividing curtains for between cab area and rear living area on Joker 3 (High Top). Order Number 216 010 238 005. “Oh, what’s that strange sound again?” – You get used to little surprises when it squeaks and rattles. google_ad_width = 336; Cost 1121.85 DM, Awning 300 cm wide. This unit was in grey upholstery material to match the interior of the bus. Jackets and shirts are stored in the large closet, which can also hold shoes. . Westfalia. The retracted battery-operated LED light strip provides illumination in the evening darkness. Westy. Our VW bus is not only very cult, it is also the perfect size for us. Order Number 216 101 210 035. I think I can say that I made a very good decision more than 10 years ago. In this way, we have already received great tips for beautiful spots and destinations. © Copyright 2009 - It is always said that the way is the goal. Because my first own car was not an ordinary car, but our Günter, with which we now do our camping tours. Insulated on all inner bodywork in the living area with 25 mm thick mineral fibre plates. Presque tout le fourgon est dans sa Cost 51.95 DM, Translift winding fitting. Order Number 216 001 127 015 (Standard on Club Joker). Order Number 216 005 434 015. Cost 307.54 DM, Adaptor for gastank. Order Number 216 016 270 002. 200euros à débattre dans la mesure du raisonnable. Combination cupboard 87 cm wide x 45 cm deep on the left behind the drivers seat with sink, two flame cooker with splash plate. Joker came with captain seats with adjustable armrests and headrests but not the special ISRI high back comfort seats that were standard in the Club Joker (although high back comfort seats were available as an option on the Joker if you paid extra for them). Just click on the respective picture below. Double bed when rock n roll bed folded down including cushion over engine bay (188 cm x 120 cm). From United States +C $17.78 shipping estimate. Dashboard had a speedometer with resettable mileage trip and analogue clock (Club Joker had digital clock and also rev counter). Joker; T3; Transporter; volkswagen; Westfalia; Véhicule restauré, en superbe état, dossier de suivi avec carnet et factures. VW Westfalia Joker 1 Pop Top Interior Photos, The 1987 model year Volkswagen Westfalia Joker had light grey furniture and upholstery with blue / black stripes. Curtains were grey with a darker grey / red stripe pattern. All furniture is five sheet laminated and 15mm thick plywood with a light grey PVC coating and dark grey PVC edging. La carrosserie et l’intérieur n’ont jamais été restaurés. S p o U n s o r L e d L G K T O 8 3 Z. High detailed 3D model VOLKSWAGEN T3 T25 TRANSPORTER CAMPING WESTFALIA JOKER WITH FOLDING ROOF 1980.Product characteristics:- Doors open;- Independent wheels;- Westfalia independent roof;- Several independent objects;- Originally created with in CINEMA 4D;- All textures and materials are included;- Rendered previews;Important notes:- If you need other preview pictures from different … Kendi Pinlerinizi keşfedin ve Pinterest'e kaydedin! Curtains all round. Order Number 216 002 345 010. Cost 402.09 DM, Ski Holder. Whether you want to or not. Buy It Now +C $24.54 shipping; Only 1 left! //]]>-->,