The answer was simple. what is there to fear? So in the first round of 2002, with 20% of voters in the presidential election, Chirac’s party obtained 62% of the parliament, while Le Pen, with 17% of the voters was not represented. nothing! The protesters say the movement will continue to grow in 2019 and plans are underway for New Year’s Eve protests.”, A very good French documentary by Youtube channel Data Gueule with good English subtitles (CC) Until now, they would talk about it mostly in private. This fact is left out of the history books. that is why and how it came to be..the different environmentally induced changes form original Black African that humanity displays at his point. Europe is flooded with false “refugees”, who have been given the task of a political, eonomic, financial, social and ethnic Trojan Horse, it’s chief task being the destruction of sovereign European states and giving Brussels dictatorial powers. The application of technological solutions alone has prolonged the period of population and industrial growth, but it has not removed the ultimate limits to that growth.”. Excellent take on the revolutions, although you missed the Russian in 1905, February 1917, and the final in October 1917. ‘Journalists come down’: Yellow Vests chant ‘fake news’ outside French TV station (VIDEOS), The City of London is an independent state inside England, outside the jurisdiction of the British Parliament, while the US Fed is Rotschilds controlled. Everything is now exposed. Compared to whom?”) and the painter who paints with too broad a brush omits too many significant details and shades of light from decade to decade and century to century in feeling the NWO darkening of the last few decades…that you paint….so well! Log In Vous pouvez nous contacter par la page Contact ci-dessous pour proposer des articles, faire des commentaires, des remarques. Les humbles veillent. Une chose que l’on peut dire de la conférence de presse commune des trois avocats de la campagne Trump, jeudi à midi, assurément ce n’était pas très au point. Continuer la lecture de Le principal scientifique nucléaire iranien assassiné alors qu’Israël tente de provoquer la guerre, Par James Howard Kunstler − Le 22 novembre 2020 − Source Clusterfuck Nation. Did people actually own anything? The wealthy are already fleeing France to avoid 75%+ income taxes. All the Zionists (Khazars) were expelled from England. The movement started, as usual, with financial claims but soon turned to political claims, demanding more political decision-making power to be given to the population through the use of extensive referendums. are the people ever going to arrest the Rothschilds? Filing the available jobs with French citizens would keep them off the dole, thus improving the Maker:Taker ratio and reducing tax burdens. Puis des coups de feu ont été tirés depuis deux directions. where do the Rothschilds live..don’t they walk on the streets and go about living like everyone else? Fake. Interesting times ahead as the year draws to a close. Back to French presidential election in 2002, second round, Chirac won against Le Pen (father) 82% vs 18%, same scenario in 2017, second round, Macron won against Le Pen (daughter) 55% versus 34%. Une explosion a arrêté sa voiture. By Francis Lee for the Saker Blog. Garden? As long as all you folks realize that the welfare western nations are bust, broke, banana republic material. Yes, death to the EU. all work must lead to such production..or involved in such production. what is there to fear when you know your enemy is going to kill you anyway, heartlessly, ruthlessly, that he see you as thrash. I won’t leave this site because of that. Their demands include a redistribution of wealth as well as the increase of salaries, pensions, social security payments and the minimum wage. So how did day-to-day frustrations about fuel prices and “green taxes” transform into a nation-wide protest movement attracting hundreds of thousands of people in a matter of weeks? Please share thank you Les humbles veillent. I also missed Kerensky and the February “revolution” of 1917, but I did include the October one, which unfortunately succeeded. The slogan reads ‘Urgent, purchase power, dignity for all’ [Regis Duvignau/Reuters]. By Francis Lee for the Saker Blog PART 1. In France it is mandatory by law to have such vests in each car. The French have had it for decades with taxes all over the place for one, and for having no say in anything in general. there is no evolutionary eventuality that includes ordinary white people in any sentient form, able to think and act and live in independent agreement socially, with this I agree completely: “”or a triumphant bank robbery with no financial benefits for themselves Westerners correctly sense that without the banksters’ stranglehold on the World’s oppressed countries and peoples, the West will enter instant tailspin””, but that does obviate the resolution I listed: there is no sentient future for white ordinary folk as well. [ Cress Welsing called it ‘white fear of biological annihilation’ ] are we witnessing that annihilation as we speak as white and black people become brown..white people actually disappearing in what may be a survival response in reacquiring the melanin that would allow white people to evolve..Black people some extent! The artic riches are a turning point in our earth journey. Seconde guerre mondiale : Poutine remet à l’heure la pendule de l’histoire, via Le Saker Francophone It all comes down to Macron’s apparent failure to connect with the people, understand their concerns and steer France away from destructive neoliberal policies. France? French imperial roots are deep in Syria. When the leaders become conscious of mass psychology and take it into their own hands, it ceases to exist in a certain sense. Therefore, every Saturday to allow the employed to participate, the French wear their yellow vest – the one they are obliged to keep in their car and use in case of breakdowns – and gather in city streets, on highways tolls, on countryside “ronds-points” [crossroads].
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