After selecting the ad placement, configure your bidding based on your goals…. Businesses of all sizes now have the ability to create Instagram ads to reach targeted audiences. Choose your ad objective. When you’re finished, click the green Upload Changes button to upload your ad and submit it to Facebook. View Blog. And while some brands are finding huge success on the visual social network, others made huge Instagram ads mistakes that cost them ad dollars, brand reputation and lost revenue. Include the name of the promotion. There’s no set amount to pay. When you’re finished configuring your ad set, you’re ready to configure your ad. You’re able to manually choose the days and times your ads will be shown to your target audience. Pinterest Advertising. Next, choose an existing ad set or create a new one, and then create a new ad. Social ads on Instagram. It all comes down to your target audience, which is why it’s so important to learn your Instagram demographics. Next, answer some questions about your business. Here are the right Instagram photo and video sizes you can use for your campaigns, along with other ad specs. Note: Read this post first to learn more about how Business Manager works, plus some pros and cons. To do this, choose Pages from the Business Settings pop-out menu. Put money behind posts and content that you already know perform well organically. With Sprout’s Paid Performance Report for Instagram, track any number of campaigns for the metrics that matter most. Daily budgets allow for your ads to run indefinitely while spending up to your allotted amount each day (you can still set start and end dates), while lifetime budgets will run for a set amount of time. I refer to social ads as the traffic driver that adds fuel to your organic fire. The Conversions objective is a great choice for ecommerce businesses that want to drive sales. In the Ad Set settings, configure your daily or lifetime budget and when you want your Instagram ad to run. This makes it easy since you get to manage your Facebook and Instagram ads all in the same place. Here, you’ll want to set your campaign spending limit. You can choose to do this, or manually set how much each ad set should spend based on your own past testing and results. In this post you’ll discover how to set up an Instagram ad from start to finish using Facebook Business Manager and Power Editor. A survey by Strata in 2016 found that 63 percent of US ad agency professionals planned to use Instagram ads for their clients. Perhaps you want them to only be shown on weekdays or weekends. All you have to do is uncheck Facebook and Audience Network from the platforms to ensure your ad will only be running on Instagram. Let the world's leading analytics pro show you the way. Have you run an Instagram ad yet? Emily Hickey is the Founder of Chief Detective, a social media growth agency that helps some of the world’s top retailers and start-ups scale their Facebook and Instagram advertising. However, social media ads … If it’s your first time using Business Manager, you’ll need to set it up. Now you’ll need to visit the Facebook Ads Power Editor to see if you’re eligible for Instagram ads. Facebook and Instagram ads can also help you meet a variety of business goals including customer acquisition, audience engagement, and increasing sales. With the right training, you can use Google Analytics to measure all of your marketing efforts with certainty. Select your Facebook business page or create one if you don’t already have one.
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