De T3 kent verschillende benamingen. Jackets and shirts are stored in the large closet, which can also hold shoes. They were used on US and Canadian imported VW's only. Select Currency. Manual Diesel 1987 224,000 KM. Unlike previous versions the Westfalia Camper variant was introduced by Volkswagen at the beginning of the generation and marketed throughout. Instead of a single opening front panel, there is a zippered screen door in the middle of the front (side away from the bus) with a small awning flap that can be lowered for wind and rain protection. VW T25 T3 SYNCRO WESTFALIA CALIFORNIA CAMPER VAN LHD. This boxy yet angled van has all the looks of a VW with a flavor of the 80s. It's different from the earlier small and large awning-based tents in two important ways: the addition of large, screened windows on the side curtains, and a free-standing frame that allows the tent to be left at the campsite while the bus is driven away for groceries or side trips. De T1 en T2 mogen er dan schattiger uitzien, en de T4 en later rijden veel meer als moderne auto’s – maar er is iets aan het ontwerp van de T3 wat ‘m ontzettend stoer en tijdloos maakt. Details about VW T25 T3 SYNCRO WESTFALIA CALIFORNIA CAMPER VAN LHD. Lokal. Anything else to add? Your email address will not be published. Collectors often have difficulty determining whether one of these options was specifically available from and for Westfalia models, or were developed and sold by other camper conversion vendors such as ASI/Riviera and Sundial. Deze auto heeft een benzine motor met rond de 80 pk. En een autom. Front Floor Carpet 80-91 VW Vanagon T3 Transporter Westfalia Brown - Genuine. Owners of Camping Vans and many Volkswagen clubs manage websites detailing these vehicles and their accessories. Log In. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. One was similar to the 1952–1958 awning, with the addition of removable side curtains, and the other was a small vestibule or foyer that only covered the side door area. Once the awning has been set up, curtains can be attached to the three outer sides (with Tenax lift-the-dot fasteners) to achieve a weatherproof - though windowless and floorless - portable shelter. Ils VIVENT et VOYAGENT à plein temps dans leur VW T3 WESTFALIA de 1984 / Présentation / VAN TOUR. Search for: Search. This design provided space for a large child's cot overhead, and on later models, the poptop was further enlarged to fit a full bed large enough for two adults. In addition, our VW bus in the Westfalia equipment with some organizational talent has surprisingly much storage space. From United States +C $35.25 shipping estimate. Tent poles are steel, either black or grey, around 2 cm in diameter, and there are fourteen sections that must be assembled to create a rectangular, peaked awning with support rods leading to the bumpers. Is het de uitholling over de flanken, die soepel via de schuifdeur en … This is a classified ad listing. Denn wenn man sich mal die Mühe macht, alle Varianten von Hochdächern anzuschauen, die auf dem VW T3 zum Einsatz kamen, fällt eines durchaus auf: Es gibt kaum ein Dach mit einer Stufe. Cart. 1990 Volkswagen T3 Westfalia Camper By Paul September 22, 2011 September 20, 2011 Volkswagen. Saved by VW 181. Pre-Owned. Volkswagen Westfalia Camper was a conversion of Volkswagen Type 2 and then Volkswagen Type 2 (T3) sold from the early 1950s to 2003. Die Position der Stufe, und die Weise, in der sie … The front bumper mount is a flat plate of steel bent into an open S or Z shape. Buy It Now. 143. C $129.69. Vw t3 année 1988 ancêtre 60.000 Km réel (voir photo du dernier car pass) 1600 diesel boîte … Beginning in 1958, a metal plate was riveted to the back of the right front seat. Following the Type 2 T2, the Type 2 T3 initially featured air-cooled engines; later models had water-cooled engines. Westfalia special models included the SO-23, -33 -34, -35, -42, -44, and -45. Camping Accessories: org Westfalia and Camper for VW T3 Bus Camper: Accessories / Utilities for VW T3 Bus Westfalia: Multivan Parts for VW T3 Bus Westfalia Dachteile Westfalia Elektrik Westfalia Innenraum Westfalia Wasserversorgung Multivan/LLE/Bluestar Westfalia Gasversorgung Decor Slides / Letterings for VW T3 Bus Windows and Accessories: ISO Windows / Acrylic Windows / Thermal Mats / … I sure don’t see as many of them on the streets as I do the atypical urban assault vehicle. This Volkswagen Westfalia Camper Van roof rack comes with everything you need as detailed below, locks are recommended and sold separately in match sets, see related products. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Te koop volkswagen t3 camper met een nederlands kenteken en apk. VW transporteur T3 1988 60000 km. Zie foto prijs: 125,- euro email: hcmla. Vanagon is the North and South American name for the third generation Volkswagen Transporter Type 2 van. I aim to have a description and photos of each model of VW T25 / T3 / Vanagon Westfalia Camper produced showing the various colours, interiors and options that were available. Gregsway 148,540 views. C $51.87. Schuler (1985), The Origin and Evolution of the VW Beetle, Westfalia T3 info website, The Volkswagen VW T25 / T3 / Vanagon Westfalia Camper - Model History,,, Pictures of the former Westfalia Museum in Rheda Wiedenbrück, - A resource for Westfalia camper-van owners and enthusiasts since 1995, GTI Roadster/Supersport Vision Gran Turismo, Type 2 (T3): Transporter / Caravelle / Vanagon / T25, T4: Transporter / Multivan / Caravelle / Eurovan, T5: Transporter / Multivan / Eurovan / Kombi / Caravelle,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Various foldout seat arrangements for sleeping, Attached "pop up" tops with canvas/screen sides.
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