[66], On his website, Tsamere provides a link to that of François Rollin, as well as to that of English comedian Ricky Gervais, whom he calls "my absolute master". "[o][7], In 2010 he participated in the sketch comedy talent show On n'demande qu'à en rire, created and presented by Laurent Ruquier and broadcast on France 2. quand il n'est pas sur scène, Arnaud Tsamère est un homme plus paisible. Après 3 one man shows et près de 400 000 spectateurs dans toute la France, Arnaud Tsamère revient en 2020 avec un nouveau spectacle. [r][39] From October 2012 to January 2013, Tsamere took part in the ONDAR Show, a spin-off of On n'demande qu'à en rire in which its best comedians performed without judges in a format similar to American entertainment. [36] After participating in the show for two years and totalling 64 appearances, Tsamere announced in 2012 that he did not plan to return for its third season. ", "Arnaud Tsamère annonce la naissance de son fils sur Twitter", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Arnaud_Tsamere&oldid=960983354, Articles with French-language sources (fr), Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Comedian, actor, presenter, sports journalist, Written with Arnaud Joyet and François Rollin, This page was last edited on 6 June 2020, at 00:30. In 2014, he hosted TMC's Canapé Quiz; he has also appeared on various French talk, sports and game shows. [7] It was a night dedicated to the penis,[31] which Tsamere has described as "nothing pornographic or erotic. [4] However, he came back the next year after the cancellation of the ONDAR Show, and described his stage fright before his first performance after his return. "METAMERE en impro ! Written in 2007,[17] it stars Tsamere as an economics teacher named Patrice Valenton, performing as part of a promise made to a friend who died in a car accident. There, he acted in plays and participated in improvisation events. I am just the opposite". [38], In September 2011, Tsamere appeared with On n'demande qu'à en rire colleague Jérémy Ferrari in two editions of Ruquier's late-night talk show On n'est pas couché—however, in what would have been their third week, they decided to quit the show as they thought that "our duo was not the right formula to succeed Jonathan [Lambert, their predecessor]",[q] as well as to concentrate on their "solo projects". soirée spéciale le 25 juin 2012", "La Tournée Du Trio – Jérémy Ferrari Arnaud Tsamere Baptiste Lecaplain". [w][64] He is a specialist in improvisation. [af][74], I owe it to my first improvisation match in public in 1994. Site officiel et autres dates : https://tsamere.com Avec Garnier et Sentou, ils ont essayé de piéger le jury en se déguisant en nouveaux candidats, le groupe s'appelait Les Potes'H. Arnaud Tsedri[1] (born 11 March 1975),[2] better known by the stage name Arnaud Tsamere[a] (French: [aʁno tsamɛʁ]), is a French comedian, actor, television presenter and sports journalist. [11], Tsamere's partner is the racing driver and television presenter Margot Laffite (daughter of Jacques Laffite); their first child was born on 4 February 2015. Ruquier asked him to do so after he saw Tsamere in Monique est demandée caisse 12 and Le Comique. [34] He is friends with Jérémy Ferrari, with whom he has performed sketches on the show. Site officiel de Ticketmaster [t][47] He also stressed that he has fun when filming Canapé Quiz. [23] He performed La tournée du trio with his On n'demande qu'à en rire colleague Jérémy Ferrari, and Baptiste Lecaplain; after a tour of 12 performances in Zéniths, they did several special performances in February 2014. His third, Confidences sur pas mal de trucs plus ou moins confidentiels, has been performed since 2014. [2], He began writing his first one-man show in 2002 with his friend Arnaud Joyet, inspired by a videotape of comedian François Rollin. [73], He enjoys romantic comedy films, of which his favourites are Pretty Woman and Notting Hill. The two share a well-known on-stage rivalry. C'est pas gai d'écrire sa propre bio, ça fait un peu nécrologie. [72] Tsamere's favourite television programme is the Belgian documentary series Strip-Tease,[67] and he describes himself as "a real TV addict". [2] The show, entitled Réflexions profondes sur pas mal de trucs[16] (Profound reflections on quite a few things), played on theatrical "flops", a form of humour that Tsamere said "can seem easy [but] is not when you really start to work on it". [2][13], —Tsamere on the origin of his stage name[f][13], After quitting his previous job, Tsamere took part in the Déclic Théâtre improvisation group under its co-founder Alain "Papy" Degois, who he said "pushed me, gave me confidence, coddled me [and] got me to act in plays and improvisation matches". It was released on 30 October 2013. 411 K J’aime. [12] Regarding the show's theme of death, he said "It's a bit strange, but it has the virtue of attracting the public's attention". "Gala : "Jérémy Ferrari et Arnaud Tsamère : Une belle histoire de haine ! [16], Tsamere met Rollin at the Dinard Comedy Festival, and he joined Tsamere and Joyet to write a second show, Chose Promise[2] (Promised Thing). 1/4 - Exclusif - No web - Arnaud Tsamere - Enregistrement de l'émission "On se refait Palmade" au Théâtre de Paris, qui sera diffusée le 16 juin sur France 3, le 22 mai 2017. [m][7], In 2007 Tsamere met Simon Astier during the recording of the M6 show Off Prime. [65] His humour is popular with television audiences, and has boosted On n'demande qu'à en rire's viewing figures. Arnaud Tsamere, Paris. Born in Bordeaux and raised in the Yvelines, he joined the Déclic Théâtre group after quitting his sales job. C'est pour cette raison que je vais essayer de teinter la mienne d'une certaine drôlerie. He has attended numerous comedy festivals and is currently a member of the Ligue Majeure d'Improvisation. [55] Tsamere played the character of Vincent in Arnaud Demanche's short film Being Homer Simpson, in which he appeared alongside Philippe Peythieu and Véronique Augereau, the voice actors of Homer and Marge respectively in the French dub of the animated series The Simpsons. Arnaud Tsamere fait son premier passage dans l'émission le 15 novembre 2010. 114.8k Followers, 48 Following, 187 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Arnaud Tsamere (@tsamere) [n][33] He also said "I've loved this character. Speaking about his early life and its relation to his surreal comic style, Tsamere said: I grew up in a very comfortable environment. L'une de ses particularités humoristiques qui apparaît beaucoup dans ses sketchs est le fait de traiter un sujet, puis de parler d'un autre et pendant qu'il parle de l'autre sujet, l'interrompre et revenir au sujet initial avec insistance. "[l][7] He says he was asked after Frédérique Bel refused, because he was "probably the only one liable to accept". [2] He already knew all of the original participants, except for Nicole Ferroni, whom he discovered at a comedy festival in Puy-Saint-Vincent in January 2011. [40] However, the show was unpopular with critics—Le Nouvel Observateur's Xavier Rousseau called it a "failed show" that "dashed hopes"[s][41]—and the ONDAR Show was cancelled after 13 episodes due to low viewing figures. It was a series of serious documentaries. He wrote his first one-man show, Réflexions profondes sur pas mal de trucs, in 2002 with Arnaud Joyet, and his second, Chose Promise, in 2007 with Joyet and François Rollin. [51] In 2012, he performed on Rire & Chansons, a comedy and musical radio station. [45] Three weeks later, TMC announced that Canapé Quiz had been cancelled and new episodes were to be moved to a later timeslot because of low viewing figures—10 days after its launch, it failed to pass 100,000 viewers. [7] He also appeared in Canal+'s SAV des émissions,[29] presented by Testot and Omar Sy. On n'demande qu'à en rire Arnaud Tsamere Mais qui était au volant ? Saint-Étienne Smart City, ma métropole connectée, Excellence scientifique et transfert de technologies, Promotion de l’innovation scientifique, technique et industrielle, Le Nautiform : le centre aquatique et de remise en forme de Saint-Étienne Métropole, Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne 2021, Saint-Étienne et le cycle, aux sources du design, La Métropole des grands événements sportifs, Accompagnement à destination des communes, Agir pour le climat et les énergies renouvelables, Plan de prévention du bruit dans l'environnement. 411 k mentions J’aime. [2], Tsamere's third show, Confidences sur pas mal de trucs plus ou moins confidentiels (Secrets about quite a few more or less confidential things), also written with Rollin and Joyet, was performed on tour throughout France from November 2014, and at Le Splendid from January 2015. Tsamere has said it is based on the principal that "society laughs too much",[k] and will involve him talking about himself. I wanted for nothing; serious things never happened to me in life. The theme was "The life of my mother"... and I didn't say a word! [j][20] Chose Promise was released on DVD on 6 March 2013 after being recorded at the Théâtre Sébastopol in Lille. Arnaud Tsamere + 1 épouse = 1 mariage – 1 épouse = 1 divorce + 1 autre épouse = 2 mariages + 1 enfant + le départ de la nouvelle épouse = 2 divorces + une garde alternée + la mort du père – la motivation = 4 ans de dépression + la renaissance + 1 oeuf au plat = le spectacle de la maturation. [2][53] In the same year, he appeared in Pascale Pouzadoux's La Croisière, and in the short films Le Métro (directed by Dianeïa Schaefer)[54] and Deal (Wilfried Méance). [35], Based on puns involving crime and food, his sketch "L'avocat de la salade, la frite et la saucisse" was the first in the programme to achieve 99 out of 100 points. Retrait gratuit en magasin, paiement sécurisé, e-ticket. So, I do absurd stuff because I don't want to talk about other things. [30] After quitting the weather in June 2006, he hosted La longue nuit du pénis on the same channel that September. Tsamere's paternal grandparents are from Guipavas, and his father is Breton. [y][33] He has stated that his favourite director is Tim Burton, linking this to his surreal style. Il est mis en scène par François Rollin. [i][12] Tsamere's performance was well received by critics; Le Parisien called the show a "masterpiece of the genre". [37] When the show returned for its fourth season, he acted as patron (parrain) during the first week, and could save and work with eliminated candidates. 1er passage 15/11/10 68 points Arnaud Tsamere pratique l'humour absurde, abordant tous les sujets avec un certain décalage et faisant régulièrement des digressions, et est également un spécialiste de l'improvisation théâtrale. Réservez les meilleures places pour Arnaud Tsamere grâce au Plan de Salle Interactif et Recevez vos billets immédiatement en E-ticket avec Cultura.fr Achetez des tickets pour Arnaud Tsamere, Salle Baudouin IV, Braine-le-Comte. Il se fait remarquer assez rapidement pour son hu… Il est devenu populaire en participant à l'émission On n'demande qu'à en rire sur France 2 entre 2010 et 2014. [21] Tsamere has done three tours of the show,[22] and its final two performances were at the Olympia in February 2014. ", "Fin de l'émission Lunch Time sur BeIN Sports", "TMC déprogramme Canapé Quiz, le jeu d'Arnaud Tsamère dès ce soir", "La nouvelle Famille en or avec Arnaud Tsamere arrive le...", "Arnaud dans Mot de Passe sur France 2 – 10/05/2013", "Arnaud Tsamère – son portrait par Laurent Ruquier", "Metro | Court Metrage | Dianeïa Schaefer", "Being Homer Simpson : Le court-métrage avec Arnaud Tsamère et Bérengère Krief", "Premières infos sur Fonzy, le remake de Starbuck avec José Garcia", "L'humoriste Arnaud Tsamère au départ de la Lille-Hardelot", "Arnaud Tsamère : Un nouvel humoriste à découvrir", "Arnaud Tsamère et Margot Laffite, parents comblés! He was given the role of Captain Sport Extrême in Astier's comedy science fiction programme, Hero Corp, which is broadcast on France 4. Après 3 one man show et près de 400 000 spectateurs dans toute la France, Arnaud Tsamere revient en 2020 avec un nouveau spectacle. [18][19] He chose to perform as a character under Rollin's suggestion, so that he could depict failure under the guise of somebody who is not a comedian. [u][48], He has also appeared on various game shows, including Mot de passe[50] and Fort Boyard[5] (French versions of Million Dollar Password and The Crystal Maze respectively), as well as the chat show La nuit nous appartient on NRJ 12. However, he realised that he "could no longer live without the stage",[e][13] and on the advice of his friend Arnaud Joyet and Déclic Théâtre co-founder Alain Degois, quit his job and launched his career as a comedian. [1] He is known for his "slow burn" technique (a term coined by On n'demande qu'à en rire jury member Jean-Luc Moreau), in which he talks about a subject before moving on to another and repeatedly interrupting himself to return to the initial subject. [27] He is now part of the Ligue Majeure d'Improvisation. [49] Tsamere said "It's the challenge of taking the reins of a cult programme that interested me". [63], Tsamere's style can be described as absurd humour,[1] which according to him "has no hold on current events, politics or religion". Arnaud Tsamere est un humoriste participant à l'émission, il est à ce jour, un sociétaire. Tsamere's television career began when he presented the weather forecast on Canal+. He wrote his first one-man show, Réflexions profondes sur pas mal de trucs, in 2002 with Arnaud Joyet, … [72] He has read Une Vie by Guy de Maupassant, which he described as "so beautiful",[ae][74] and the biography of Apple Inc. founder Steve Jobs, which he said is "the story of an incredible life". Tsamere has acted in several films, including the short Being Homer Simpson with Philippe Peythieu and Véronique Augereau, and Fonzy, a 2013 adaptation of Starbuck. Site officiel de Ticketmaster [h][12] It was performed at the Blancs Manteaux theatre from April 2005 to January 2006. [8] His father was a general in the French Air Force[9] who was awarded the Legion of Honour,[10] and his mother a housewife, whom he has described as "the best in her domain". Arnaud Tsamère . C'est pas gai d'écrire sa propre bio, ça fait un peu nécrologie. [13] He has described it as "the missing piece of the puzzle"[p] that allowed him to become well known. Arnaud Tsedri, better known by the stage name Arnaud Tsamere, is a French comedian, actor, television presenter and sports journalist. Amoureux de Margot Laffite, son épouse, il est aussi papa de leur petit Albert, né dans la foulée de leur mariage en 2015. [58], Tsamere has written several columns about sport for the newspaper Le Monde,[59] on topics such as golfer Tiger Woods,[60] the cyclists Chris Froome and Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France,[61] and the French football league Ligue 1. [3] He describes himself as having had a "strict upbringing".[c][11]. [42], In 2013, Tsamere joined the team of beIN Sports' programme Lunch Time,[43] which was hosted by Darren Tulett. Arnaud Tsamere, de son vrai nom Arnaud Tsedri est un comédien et humoriste français né le 11 mars 1975 à Bordeaux. La page que vous recherchez est introuvable. [18], On 25 June 2012 at the Européen theatre, Tsamere performed alongside the On n'demande qu'à en rire jury member Éric Métayer in Métamère en impro. [x][67] Other role models of his are the brothers Simon and Alexandre Astier—he says of them and Gervais that he "could watch them perform anything".