If you have any questions or request more information leave us a comment. How does the map work? They are sold in special vending machines, at tram stops, in bars and newsstands. To buy a ticket, you need to arrive at the place of departure and purchase a boarding pass at the ticket office of the company. And although with their help you can get from Tenerife to the island of Gran Canaria, flights are not regular. They can be traveled along the main streets of Santa Cruz from the port of the capital. When you insert it into the validator, a travel code is printed on the back, the cost of it and the rest of the amount on the card. Probably, this experiment will not last long, and another card will replace “tenmas”, as it was already more than once. Another ferry company is Garajonay Express.                  Samples of travel cards for 40 years. Usually this can be done within 1 hour of the time. Tenerife bus map. Tenerife bus. You transfer this money to the card when you purchase it and calculate it for the fare at the driver’s cabin. The stops are not announced. Tenerife bus timetable 2020, Tenerife bus map, TITSA Tenerife, bus routes Tenerife, TITSA bus Tenerife, bonobus Tenerife. Discount cards are valid for one year from the date of the first trip. Public transport in Tenerife runs on a schedule, which you can see at every bus stop. Stops at the airport. Beautiful setting at the bottom of steep hills, natural swimming pool in the ocean, fishing, a couple of restaurants. The travel cards of BONO cost 25 and 15 euros, depending on the tariff zone. document.write("