In the distance, lights start to appear in the darkness of the night and everyone realizes the Grounder army has arrived. While they're distracting the Mount Weather Guards, Indra and Octavia will be getting the Grounders and Delinquents out the back door and through the Reaper tunnels. She says that she believes that their wish for peace is sincere, but that Jaha will be used to send a message and they drag Jaha away because "the massacre must be answered. SPOILERS S7 spoiler. When Clarke took the final test to determine the fate of the human race, the Judge took on the form of Lexa because she was Clarke's greatest love[1]. In Watch the Thrones, Lexa has Queen Nia brought to her to face judgment after her admitting to the destruction of Mount Weather. In Bitter Harvest, Clarke is drawing Lexa's sleeping form when Lexa wakes up from a nightmare, saying that the previous Commanders are angry about her decision to not attack the Sky People. In "Ye Who Enter Here", Lexa and Aden are seen sparring during a training session. Commander of the 12 ClansCommander's novitiate (former)Anya's second (former) They begin hiking around Tondc as they look for the sniper, Whitman. The Pauna finds them and begins beating against the door. Ryder tells Octavia to go relieve the southernmost guard position. Clarke attempts to force the Flame on Luna, but is easily taken out. Receive automatic notifications when The 100 Season 8 is renewed. The 100 season 7: Will Murphy betray Clarke in the final series? Lexa tells Lincoln the deal is done and orders the retreat to be sounded. Quint gets argumentative with Clarke before storming off saying he can't be in an alliance with the Sky People. Lexa tells her that Ontari will not be back until the Conclave after her death, to which Clarke pokes fun at Lexa for always talking about her death. Clarke asks Lexa what she did and Lexa tells her she saved her people but Clarke's people were not part of the deal. Lexa tells Clarke that Finn will die for her, then. Clarke and Lexa at the funeral for the victims of the massacre. Abby walks up to the gate to talk to the two riders Lexa left behind and tells them the Sky People are ready to fight if that is what it comes to. In Stealing Fire, Clarke grieves Lexa while the Conclave to choose Lexa's successor is about to take place. Abby realizes that Clarke knew about the missile ahead of time and can't believe that Clarke would let it happen. Clarke has Lexa stand on one side of the door while the let the Pauna charge in and then race out the door, shutting it behind them and trapping the Pauna in the room. Lexa tells Clarke that waiting for Bellamy to get into Mount Weather is a prayer, not a plan. Emerson and his men shoot at them from the ridge above the door, preventing them from getting close to the door. In Remember Me, Lexa tells Clarke that Finn's body will be given to the people of Tondc since Clarke denied them their justice. Getting to her feet she manages to disarm Roan, take his spear, and knock him to the ground. Raven Reyes was later forced to delete the Flame's data to save Madi from Sheidheda. Family Octavia tells them Indra expects her to be on a scouting mission with Lincoln. Découvrez les opportunités qu’offre le scénario de la Saison 7 de The 100 pour un retour de Lexa, Lincoln et d’autres ! Lexa waits for Kane and Jaha to fight to the death, Kane and Jaha discuss the difference between murder and sacrifice as they decide whether to follow Gustus' orders or not. Clarke refuses to give up at first, but eventually realizes there is nothing she can do to save Lexa. But this Lexa is a dark pseudo-villain that’s willing to hang the literal end of humanity around Clarke’s neck, as just one more burden for her to carry. Gustus doesn't think it's a good idea, as the Sky People are more like Mountain Men and he is worried for her safety. Later, when Clarke is back with Lexa in her tent outside Camp Jaha, Lexa tells Clarke that she's willing to have a truce as soon as Finn dies. Clarke then heads off to find Octavia and spots Ryder with an arrow aimed at Octavia. At some point, Nia had Lexa's lover, Costia, captured and tortured for information on Lexa. One man stands in their way because he lost both his wife and child. I'm here to review the big Lexa twist, and analyze the flashback reveals. A distraught Clarke later begs Jasper not to destroy the Flame as it contains Lexa's consciousness. Female Lexa tells Clarke that she didn't let her burn. In "Remember Me", he tries to ruin the alliance between the Grounders and the Sky People so as to keep Lexa safe. Though she starts to show romantic feelings for Clarke G… Instead of killing him, Lexa turns to the Ice Queen and throws the spear at her, killing her. The Pauna grabs hold of Lexa and Clarke refuses to leave Lexa behind, saving her life even as they trap themselves into a room. The Ice Nation, led by Queen Nia, kidnapped, tortured and beheaded Costia to learn Lexa's secrets. Clarke recalls that there were nine novitiates in Lexa's Conclave and asks what happened to "Number Eight". After the shooting has stopped, Lincoln commands the other Grounders to start hooking lines onto the door so they can pull it open. In Long Into an Abyss, Abigail Griffin and Jaha are discussing their options of what to do about the Commander's ultimatum. Octavia asks what would happen to him and Lincoln tells them that because Finn killed 18, he will suffer 18 deaths as a result. Lexa is Gustus' leader and Gustus is presumably her personal bodyguard and/or a high-ranking warrior from her clan. We recently came back to the reasons why the 7 seasons of The 100 made the same fatal mistake as Lost and its survivors, but it is an achievement that we want to highlight today: that of the return of Lexa . Kane tells them they came in peace. Lexa silences them and tells them that Wanheda was showing them a better way and that they should adapt to "blood must not have blood" in order to allow their people to thrive and grow without the fear of war and death. She tearfully recites the traveler's blessing and kisses Lexa for the last time. SPOILERS S7 spoiler. After a war meeting, Lexa and Clarke have a moment. When she was 12, the previous Commander died and Lexa was called to attend the Conclave. Clarke continues to mourn Lexa long after her death. Clarke presses against the spear, drawing blood. Miller to the door so he can trigger it manually. Clarke and Lexa were reunited in Season 7 of The 100 and that’s the reason. Indra is the only one spared and informs them that Sky People attacked them at night while they were sleeping. She got over the pain by recognizing that love is weakness. The 100 Season 6. Quelle est la date de diffusion de la saison 7 de The 100 ? Byrne tells Clarke to save herself. Lexa tells Ryder to stand down and sends him away. Last season in The 100, Lexa died. Yes, The 100 fans finally get to see Lexa – and Clexa – together again. Lexa is angered and calls on the armies of the 12 clans to attack Arkadia and kill everyone in it. As Commander, Lexa united the 12 Grounder Clans and formed the Coalition, thus becoming the first Commander to rule over all 12 Clans[5][6]. Nyko and Indra return and take Raven away. She is shown to care deeply for the people she loves, valuing their opinions and putting their wellbeing before her own. Is it a good thing that most of humanity chose to opt-out of the work of actually living in a real corporeal way? She considers love a weakness, a view significantly impacted by the death of her girlfriend, Costia. The guards drag Clarke away as she screams "You wanted the Commander of Death, you got her!" Clarke tries to reason why Emerson should be killed but Lexa gives her until sunset to think it over. Emily Hannemann May 26, 4:30 pm. Despite this, Lexa still allowed the Ice Nation to join her Coalition under the condition that Nia's eldest son, Roan, was to be banished[7]. Madi tells her that she knows that what happened to Lexa is why Clarke is scared of her becoming the Commander. Clarke remembers seeing the Flame being removed from Lexa and realizes that she needs to remove the liquified chip from Raven in the same way in order to save Raven. Sucks that you were right all along, I guess!) As the door creaks open, Clarke gives the command to attack just as Lexa interrupts, telling them all to stand down. Instead of fighting back, Lexa says that she is sorry that she turned Clarke into who she has become. Lexa accepts her death and tells Clarke that her fight is over. Lexa has a meeting with Marcus Kane and Abigail Griffin about having the Sky People join her Coalition as the thirteenth clan. Clarke, Raven, and Bellamy then meet up at Raven's Gate where Raven gives Clarke a knife so Clarke can kill Lexa because Raven owes Finn her life. Later, Lexa and Clarke stand over the ashes of the funeral pyre as Lexa tells Clarke about Costia, who was captured by the Ice Queen because she belonged to Lexa. In Perverse Instantiation (Part 1), after her attempt to make Luna the new Commander fails, Clarke regards the Flame sadly and apologizes to it (a.k.a. Abby is not there because she stayed behind to help the wounded from the bombing in Tondc. He says, "thanks, Princess" and she steps away from him to reveal that she had killed him with the knife Raven gave her. At the end of Gustus' Death of a Thousand Cuts, Lexa approaches and Gustus tells her to be strong. Lincoln follows him to provide protection in case any of the Mountain Men try taking any shots. Lexa just tells him to do his job and protect her. The 100 Season 5-7 rewrite: Lexa lives BNC. As the characters faced transcendence or extinction during the finale, they were greeted by some familiar faces, including one person that fans had been waiting to see again for four seasons. Even then, Anya shows concern for Lexa and wants to send her fastest rider to warn Lexa as soon as she is alerted of the presence of Reapers. Clarke shoots at the Pauna but the bullets don't stop her and she chases after Clarke and Lexa, causing Lexa to injure herself. He leaves behind a girl, Lexa, to make sure the deed is done. Because Costia belonged to Lexa, she was tortured and had her head cut off. Lexa commands him to be tied up in Raven's place. Other characters also bring Lexa up in conversations with Clarke, sometimes to try to sway her opinion or to taunt her. Lexa tells them that if they refuse, the Commander will use the knife to slit both of their throats. Abby leaves in disgust and sadness and heads back into Tondc. Clarke realizes that the missing circle from Lexa's back tattoo means that there is another Nightblood out there. As a leader, Lexa is willing to do anything to ensure her people's safety. Clarke enters the Commander's tent and meets Lexa, who is seated on a throne with Indra on one side. Clarke convinces her to use Indra's radio to contact Kane and he could meet them. In Reapercussions, Kane sets off on a diplomatic mission to make contact with the Commander and negotiate for peace. And what better time than now to revisit all of our favorite moments with a binge-watch of 'The 100'. Clarke replies, "You are my people," and kills the sniper in one shot through Lincoln's shoulder. What does transcendence mean? They bid each other goodnight before going their separate ways. Occupation While Debnam-Carey does indeed return to on our screens in full commander garb and war paint, the woman in this episode isn’t actually Lexa at all. At the dropship, Clarke, Raven, Bellamy, and Murphy are trying to save Finn from the Grounders' justice. Clarke wants to warn everyone but Lexa tells her that if she really did, then she would have done so before telling Lexa about the missile. In the second round, Aden is still successful in blocking her attacks and even counters with a backhand to the face when Lexa pins his sword down. Later, Clarke visits with Lincoln who is recovering from being a Reaper. Octavia also convinces Lexa to let her get Clarke into Arkadia as a means of trying to fix the situation. In Sic Semper Tyrannis, Indra justifies making Madi, a child and Clarke's adopted daughter, the new Commander by revealing that Lexa was the same age when she ascended to the throne. They kiss in "Bodyguard of Lies"; however, Clarke tells Lexa that she is not ready for a relationship so soon after Finn's death under Lexa's orders. In Rubicon, Clarke rides into Tondc and tells Octavia to take her to Lexa. It turns out to be a trap and Kane is captured. Afterwards, they lie in bed and Clarke examines the tattoo on Lexa's back. The 100 season 7: Will Clarke Griffin star have a new role finale? Sgt. Clarke and Lexa were reunited in Season 7 of The 100 and that's the reason. The pair are shown to be alike in some ways, and they grow closer as they work to save their people from a common enemy. In Bodyguard of Lies, in the Grounder camp outside Mount Weather, Clarke is stressing over the battle plans and Lexa tells her she should rest because she is wasting her energy. If Clarke doesn't do the same, then she puts the people she cares about in danger and the pain will never go away. Despite Clarke's desperate attempts to save her, Lexa's physical body dies from her wound in "Thirteen". In doing so, she stopped … He goes on to say that if it is Lexa's weakness preventing her from killing Wanheda, the Ice Nation would gladly step in again (referring to the Ice Nation's capture and murder of Costia). and death threats. Clarke tries to convince Lexa to let her go to Arkadia so she can make things right, however, Lexa refuses. Lexa When creating her character, Lexa was originally imagined as a child around ten or so, but the idea was scrapped due to restrictions on working with children. Later Lexa is arguing with Titus about the fate of the last Mountain Man. Her surprise return feels like nothing so much as baiting the fandom with the one thing they’ve asked for repeatedly over the past four years – only giving it to them in precisely the worst way possible. Titus is also grief-stricken by Lexa's death and tells Clarke that he has served four Commanders as a Flamekeeper and none were half as wise or strong as Lexa. Lexa tells them to sound the horn and announces they are going to war. Titus is against this and warns Lexa that Clarke may end up with the same fate as Costia. The series finale of The 100 had many shocking twists, but none so massive as the long-awaited return of a fan-favorite character. Clarke gets Abby to leave with her while Kane and Indra realize Clarke and Lexa have gone missing. In The Tinder Box, Roan accuses Clarke of only looking out for her own people. The commander of the allied Grounder clans, Lexa is proven to be a reasonable leader and strong warrior. Lexa is of average height, slim, with a high forehead, full lips, lightly tanned skin, green eyes, and a youthful face. Trigedasleng translations at the end of the chapter. Lexa tells Clarke she must accept her fate, to which Clarke refuses to do before leaving the room. Lexa tells her that their ways may be harsh but it is how they survive. The Pauna (a giant mutant gorilla) attacks Quint while Clarke, Lexa, and her guard look for a place to hide. Though, perhaps this really is the ending we deserve in this hell year. They then delivered Costia's head to Lexa's own bed. We have two days.". After Costia, the woman Lexa loved, was tortured and killed by the Ice Nation in an attempt to gain information on her, she decided to detach herself from people emotionally, believing love is a weakness she cannot afford to have. At that moment, Becca Pramheda gives the two a sign to follow — to find the kill switch — in the form of a girl riding a bicycle. “We most often take the form of the subject’s greatest teacher or the source of their greatest failure…or can be their greatest love,” the being who appears as Callie tells Cadogan. So we all know Clexa fans are clinging to the hope that she escaped with Sheidheda so assuming that true would you either. The 100 Season 5-7 rewrite: Lexa lives BNC. This original character concept was used for, When Lexa told the Ice Nation Ambassador "I have a message for Queen, Lexa is the first Commander to have dominion over all 12. The 100 Season 4. Lexa tells him that Aden is ready and is a better fighter than she was before her Conclave. One of the laws that Lexa introduced as Commander was to ensure that a unanimous vote of no confidence by the Ambassadors of the Coalition or death were all that could remove a Commander from power. Abby says there is nothing to be done. Well, in the series finale, The 100 shockingly brought back Alycia Debnam-Carey as Lexa to help close out Clarke's story, and I've never been so surprised in my life. The chemistry between the pair still crackles, and there’s a certain catharsis in seeing Debnam-Carey and Eliza Taylor share the screen with each other one more time before the final credits roll. It is left unknown if Lexa and the other Commanders were uploaded as well or if their minds were deleted with the Flame. He has Octavia prisoner and claims that the Sky People have destroyed his village. She suddenly sees her mom in Tondc and goes back for her. Quelles seront les intrigues au cours de la saison 7 ? They then hear the Grounders chanting loudly, "Jus drein jus daun!" The 100 Season 6 finale left us with some major questions for The 100 Season 7, aka the final season. When his sabotage is discovered, Lexa sentences him to Death by a Thousand Cuts. Age The 100 saison 7 : Le premier épisode d'un éventuel spin-off sera diffusé pendant la saison 7 de The 100 et voilà quelques éléments qui pourraient être au cœur du prequel. In DNR, Indra states that a war between the clans is inevitable, and the only reason it did not happen before was because Lexa prevented it. In Red Sky at Morning, Luna states that Lexa's death must have been difficult for Titus because she was his favorite. She is rarely seen without the Commander's emblem on her forehead. Gustus and the guards enter where Jaha is holding Lexa hostage. Clarke and Lexa follow the girl, only to end up in a dead end, as there is a fence in their path, a firewall. (See the end of the chapter for more notes.) Clarke tries desperately to save Lexa, but she is losing too much blood. Clarke asks for Lexa to trust her that Octavia is not a threat and then warns Lexa that if she does anything to Octavia, Clarke will tell everyone about the missile. For Raven, it’s Abby Griffin. Lexa is later seen sparring with one of the Nightblood children, a boy named Aden. As they toast and are about to take a sip, Gustus falls over having been poisoned. During the ceremony, Bellamy Blake, Octavia Blake, and Charles Pike storm in under the idea that the summit is a trap from Echo. Semet attempts to assassinate Lexa out of rage, but Titus executes him first. (And so do all her fans.). Lexa wipes the spit off of her face and walks out onto the balcony of her tower. Lexa and Clarke find each other in 5x01 at Shallow Valley. She calls Octavia a threat and Clarke tells her that Octavia wouldn't ever endanger her brother's life. During the fight, he collapses onto his chair with worry when she looks to be losing, and is visibly relieved when she ends up beating Roan. Killed By For Bill Cadogan, the judge appears in the form of his daughter Callie. Remembering Lexa often saying "blood must have blood," Clarke tries it without success. ... my money’s on Lexa. Lexa and Costia were lovers until Costia's death at the hands of the Ice Nation. They are all shot down before they can make it. Indra replies that since Lexa is not around anymore, there is no one to stop the clans from fighting. Despite what the Ice Nation did to Costia, Lexa still allowed them to join her Coalition on the condition that Nia's eldest son Roan was banished[7]. Lexa tells Clarke that they can't tell anyone about the missile because then Mount Weather will know they were warned ahead of time.