Réduction sur le prix de vente pratiqué par le vendeur hors frais de port, frais de service et services additionnels en option. The smell itself is beyond amazing I can't see anybody disliking this it smells fresh as hell and very different I can't say I've ever smelled this on anybody! Shame it was discontinued :(. Bought this blind recently, and absolute love it. It always smells familiar, and somehow unique. Gucci Pour Homme II is just such a pleasant fragrance.. Sweet memories... a nice tea scent thats classy . I confess I bought this to design a bathroom based on it. Continuer sur l’app This is so unique because it's a tobacco/cinnamon fragrance that can be worn during the day! Best suited for formal events, going out for coffee etc. Depuis près d’un siècle, la maison Gucci se distingue par son sens du détail et sa maîtrise du travail du cuir. I'm lucky enough to own a 3.4oz and I enjoy it tremendously this time of year (Mid-Spring). I recently got a 100ml flacon with batch code 8071 made in France by Coty. Pour en savoir plus: Sur la durée de conservation de vos données et les coordonnées du délégué à la protection des données, cliquez-ici. This stuff is like cracking the Rosetta Stone. Achetez en toute sécurité et au meilleur prix sur eBay, la livraison est rapide. If you like a fragrance which are fresh, cozy, professional, casual, sexy, seductive, compliment getter, sophisticated, addictive and furthermore like a scent that works well all year around, perfect for office, perfect for school, perfect for presentations, perfect for everyday, perfect for holiday, perfect for bed, perfect for morning and perfect for nights...and you dont want to offend anyone with your smell, but just want to surround yourself with a soft mystical scent bubble. Continuer After reading fantastic reviews on Fragantica and elsewhere, I thought, wow, this is the shit! Such a calming scent. This is honestly such a weird scent for me. It doesn't project that great unless you spray alot, but youll all you need is 3 sprays and your good to go. It is almost waste of money and resources to purchase GPH II in it's current form and an extreme embarrassment for Gucci to "tease" people with this wonderful juice for a brief moment and then POOF! It is enjoyable, but I do not see why people say that it is amazing and some call it a masterpiece. Today I wore this juice and was absolutely amazed. Shoppez Les Nouveautés Vêtements et Accessoires. Extremely versatile, attractive, playful yet artistic. I don't think this was meant to be loud but more consistent in how the fragrance carries throughout the day. To me, it is an enjoyable everyday fragrance that pleases that masses (much like Spicebomb, The One or other major designer release). Ladies appreciats more than men from my experience. Unfortunately, it sits extremely close to my skin and pretty much disappears after 3-hours, which is surprising since most fragrances (non citrus) last and project extremely well on my skin. This is the fragrance i wear for bedtime or while in lazy-mode. You could always carry a decant with you and reapply but then you would need to look at the cost effectiveness of purchasing this juice. Now I wish I could sample it back with a renewed palette, since I'm digging tea perfumes, relaxing as hell, and can't really focus on the remembrance of this beauty. Because this is fresh smelling, and almost unisex, you can wear this at any time, but in my opinion it really shines during the day. Masculine, refined, layered. The juxtaposition of cool and warm in this fragrance is what I find really interesting, cool citrus ice tea (without sugar) flavored with some cinnamon and spicy pepper?!? Doesn't seem to last very long unfortunately maybe 3 hours at best. Lightly green, ozonic, warm and spicy. I definitely appreciate GPH and realize it’s place in terms of being a groundbreaking scent for the time period. To me its more of a festive winter smell, but i haven't tried this is in the hotter months yet. I bought this one recently after much deliberation, as many have said that the scent is amazing, but the performance is lackluster. I like cinnamon so it wasn't bad. The primary note is walking into a room in South Asia where premium black tea is dried... then the cinnamon and violet balance the tea with a touch of spice and floral sweetness. Read reviews and choose from 450+ designer colognes, fragrances and perfumes. I get a very natural smelling clove in the mid (not cinnamon at all) that stays until the fragrance is gone. The smell is even better than the beautiful bottle. out of I noticed that this fragrance erroneously appeared on that list as well. This is so good. Not worth the hype. Gucci Pour Homme 3.0 oz Eau de Toilette Spray. It is not too sweet and I like it this way. £55.00 - £110.00. Again, shades of JCE. Extremely non offensive and just such a nice relaxing smell to be around. This warm-sweet scent comes and goes for at least 6 hours with just two sprays on either side of the neck. The middle notes are a memorable blend of black tea and pimento which come together to create a warm, spicy "perfect for Autumn" chord. This is an absolutely fantastic fragrance - holistic masterpiece. It appears this has been reformulated in recent years and has a new distributor as well. It's so amazing. Heaven in the bottle, got my 2nd bottle today and its the last one on the shelves, just got lucky. If you like spicy but not too sweet fragrances, this is the god. Browse the latest collections, explore the campaigns and discover our online assortment of clothing and accessories. GPH II reminds me of Spicebomb, just not as strong. I have the 2012 batch (2333). I could call it mini-spicebomb. Refreshing in the warm weather. I bought a bottle when it was first released and although it didn't have great performance even then it was at least decent. the Tea and the spices are very warm and conforting but not too warm that cant be warn on hotter days. I smelled this from a friend who asked me to buy this for him online. GPHII will please the fragrance lover who desires to remain inoffensive as well as achieve satisfaction solely in a skin scent. Cette page n’est pas encore disponible sur le site mobile, mais pas de panique : vous pouvez gérer votre compte en toute simplicité depuis l’app ou le site classique ! I love this scent. The cinnamon would be the spice, and the tobacco and tea really give me a subtle vanillic note (not actually vanilla, I know). Probably the best, most versatile tea-based scent! GPH2 lasts 4 to 6 hours for me placing it as a solid above average performer in my estimation. The tea note was barelly there and all i could smell was a sweet tobacco clone of the first formulation. There is something in here that reminds me of Gillette deodorants from the 2000's. I just loved it, I couldn't get enough of it. This one, however, is just perfect. There's a lot of colognes, but this one stands out. You can still walk into almost any freestanding Sephora and purchase Gucci Pour Homme II. This is the best tea based perfume you can buy right now. Already reviewed this one, but I just wanted to add a couple of points. The first time I smelled this fragrance was 10 years ago, and after a long time I bought a bottle, what I can say is that it is a beautiful fragrance! I get loads of cinnamon with the addition of violet leaves to make it a little less dense and versatile. Neither projects or carries at all...but PH II wins. I think this is a very sophisticated scent. This scents reminds me of one what Moschino has, maybe of the Forever Sailing...powdery, dummy,cheap, not a masculine one, not my style.. An amazing smell, it is just AMAZING. Ask the experts. Less is definitely more with this one. I keep raising the back of my hand to my nose to smell this fragrance over and over again. La livraison est rapide. It's just so... calming. Don't listen to people, it does NOT smell like pickles. Then today, I gave it a whiff from the bottle and I could finally smell it again the way I used to, so I doused my hoodie in it (as it only projects when I have it on my clothes) and I'm just totally enjoying it. It's blended so flawlessly with tea, cinnamon and ginger as the stand out notes. Light and sweet, with just a touch of warm spice. At first I found this fragrance too cheesy, but then it started to grow on me. A calming cinnamon tobacco tea in the best way possible. And to some, that might even make it boring, but not to me. I don't think there are many fragrances that can pull that off, or if any at all. 8.5/10 GPH2. So I went to my favourite department store, headed to Gucci cosmetic counter, found it quite hidden - there is no interest to promote this, even the saleswoman told me "hmmm watch out, this is quite different" and I said of course it is, it's from the era that Gucci was quite a serious perfume maker - and sprayed some of it on my wrist. This fragrance is very well blended. Fantastic fragrance, and along with Terre d'Hermes, one of the best made designer fragrances on the market... Black Tea and Cinnamon with a little musk evident in the dry down. Right now there are 29 items on or Buy it online 17 items on, Perfume rating I hated my bottle of Gucci Homme II until today. I would say if you have the woman of your dreams with you, and you're getting ready to go to sleep, this is the one you wear, because women LOVE this scent. Please, bring it back! It's a freshy and spicy perfume, but also smooth and elegant. Trouvez gucci en vente parmi une grande sélection de Homme : chaussures sur eBay. I am very fortunate to get this perfume. This will sound strange but the drydown even has a hint of new money scent. Prix ... Gucci Homme 630530zaea32025 Beige Laine Trench Coat - Gucci / Veste Homme. Shop a wide range of Aftershave products and more at our online shop today. The scent still makes the purchase worthwhile for me. Ces données sont accessibles aux prestataires de LBC France, société éditrice du service Videdressing, dont Adevinta France holding du groupe leboncoin sur la base de son intérêt légitime, qui concourent administrativement et techniquement à réaliser ces finalités et sont susceptibles d'être transférées hors de l'Union européenne avec les garanties appropriées requises. Elegant. Probably the most calming scent in my collection. So sad. The sillage is fantastic and it's long lasting. Beautiful tobacco/cinnamon fragrance thats nearly fresh enough to wear during the summer. It is one of my top fragrances that I would keep forever. No limitation on where and when to wear this fragrance! But this is the best there is in the category. I do wish it projected more and the sillage was better, but I can just add a few more sprays I guess. It is a timeless understated fragrance. it feels really familiar - like an old sweater you forgot about in the back of the closet, slightly too big and outdated and not very stylish, but still comfortable when you put it on. My favorite fragrance out of my collection, like it so much I want to hold on to it since it’s discontinued. GPH II is simply tranquility in a bottle. It radiates a warmth that sort of envelops the wearer. What a masterpiece. Rester sur le site mobile. I love the tea and spices in this. The longevity was a bit of a problem, you may have to reapply during the middle of the day. Unfortunately the sillage and longevity as same as the other Gucci fragrances… The opening is a very very solid violet leaf, which fades away few minutes later. Le dernier, d’ailleurs, de la part de GUCCI qui depuis, décevra toutes les espérances que cette grande maison a fait naître pendant des décennies d’excellence chez les passionnés que nous sommes (voir la désastreuse série des GUCCI GUILTY qu’un GUCCI ABSOLUTE, bon mais brouillon, sauvera à peine du naufrage). Honestly, part of the reason I fell for him is because he always smelled so damn good! I definitely prefer this. @OntheMark thenk you very much, I will try it! Valid on saks.com purchases from 12/1/20 at 12:01 am (ET) through 12/1/20 at 11:59 pm (ET). Everyone will love the smell of it. It's comforting, sweet, and spicy, but not offensively so in any of those regards. I always expected to keep that unique aroma but couldn't figure out why after 1 hour at max this would disappear. Absolutely gorgeous scent. all I can smell is black tea with a touch of cinnamon, it's great, hanae mori's Him is 90% similar, it has the same black tea but more cinnamon or clove ,IMO the Gucci is more refined, more subtle in its use of spice . If you havent got this in your collection GET IT. Heck, last month people was paying $30 for a roll of toilet paper to wipe their arse. baunya enak banget. Gucci Pour Homme II is a true masterpiece...NOT!!! Visitez eBay pour une grande sélection de gucci. Anyway, that's just the bottle, what about the juice?! It's just the best tea I've ever smelled. La Maison italienne Gucci marie avec brio références historiques et opulence glam-rock. The versatility is quite good, you probably can wear it on every situation whenever and whatever it is. I drink all kinds of tea from India and China but I cannot (yet) detect a tea note. Gucci Homme by Gucci for Men 3.0 oz Eau de Toilette Spray: Buy Gucci Colognes - Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme is truly a masterpiece. Its more intimate but the scent trail could/might/arguably be one of the best of all time! This fragrance gives a smell of bubble gum mixed with green tea and burnt cinnamon vibe which made me love it. Nice smell for 5 min then fade away air .....nothing.....don't waste your money. I've tried finding more info about Lambretta fragrances but it seems the bodyspray in question is consigned to unrecorded history...), which I wrote about when reviewing Imbue by Parfums Vintage, which is a clone of this. While it isn't easy to find, it is still sold over the counter friends. Very versatile and suits both day and night, and all seasons. Very chic. I get standard projection and longevity for EDT formulation. A synthesis of the house's heritage and commitment to luxury, Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme is the signature fragrance for the modern male icon - sensual, elegant and masculine. Better late than never: 10 years after its release I decided to give it a try. Not suitable for clubbing but very suitable for cuddling. Ceinture noir et doré Gucci Homme Très bon état. I think I must have had something almost identical to this - I believe it was a bodyspray, by Ben Sherman (*not BS - Lambretta! Performance is abysmal. For me, perfume is a sensory, luxury experience and so the bottle does matter because it is part of the whole experience (which I'm paying for handsomely!). It has a nice smooth scent but fades away after less than 30 minutes. I initially posted a negative review of this fragrance after sampling a tester at duty free. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. The bottle is a joy to hold and touch and the juice is a rather pleasing colour. Online right now: 2238, Fragrantica in your language: Gucci Pour Homme II is a true MASTERPIECE! It is calming, bold and elegant but somewhat lazy, I do not see much of a spark in its eye. Its not a loud, annoying, ultra projecting fragrance and I don't think it was meant to be, its very fresh and sexy and does last quite a long time. It looks so exclusive on the shelf (however, it's not practical, very edgy and heavy in hand) One of those scents which you cant decide it suits better hot or cold weather? This will alwas be in my collection as long as they still make it. okay, to be honest I like to wear this cologne before I go to sleep. Gucci Pour Homme II is undoubtedly one of the best tea-based fragrances of all time. I think it may have been discontinued temporarily at one point in time several years ago but as you say it's now readily available in most Sephora stores and in most airport duty free shops. Love this one. I tried this on a strip at a beauty center near my place in Greece and I liked it right away. At the moment next to Absolute the best fragrance for men from Gucci. 413. I don’t get it, why would you decide to discontinue the only fragrance that is actually selling and smells the best from your current mens collection without releasing a replacement for it? Very soothing, very calming scent. Lasts a good 6 hours and projects for the first 2 hours not strongly but definitely will not go unnoticed. Clearly ahead of its time; although not unique today, I imagine back in the late 2000's there wasn't anything smelling like this. kalau saya sih ini parfum cocoknya buat malam hari. so unique and amazing scent. Each time I moved I caught a whiff of myself that brought a smile to my face. Retrouvez notre collection de Cravates Gucci pour Homme disponibles sur Vestiaire Collective ainsi qu'un grand choix d'articles mode à prix d'occasion. It's warm yet refreshing. Top notes are Violet Leaf and Bergamot; middle notes are Black Tea, Cinnamon and Pimento; base notes are Tobacco Leaf, Myrrh, Musk and Olive Tree. When I first sprayed it on, it seemed to sit very close to the skin. The juice is masterfully blended and the notes work extremely well together to create a scent that is unique and fresh with beautiful violet leaf and black tea notes; and at the same time the pimento, cinnamon and musk balance keep it spicy and adds a slightly dark side to round out this magnificent scent. I tried it today and wow it is awesome in the hot summer months. It has a cooling down effect you can wear it for any occasion. Lasts long on my skin. The performance is not great unfortunately otherwise it could be the best fragrance ever made. Nice Frag but atleast on my skin it never lasts more then an hour . I also get a slight resemblence to Prada LR Carbon, but that might just be my imagination. 10/9. It boggles my mind how people think this is a Cinnamon scent. It's really good. It is soft, but that is part of the overall charm of such a fragrance. It has weak performance on skin, but it sticks on clothes. $50 OFF every $200 you spend (up to $500 in savings) Use Code CYBER20SF . Nous utilisons des cookies et des outils similaires pour faciliter vos achats, fournir nos services, pour comprendre comment les clients utilisent nos services afin de pouvoir apporter des améliorations, et pour présenter des annonces.