Bringing Formula One know-how to the INEOS TEAM UK challenger for the America's Cup... My job in 60 seconds. {"language": "ENGELSK", "languageUrl": "en"} Six F1 title winning cars. {"language": "INGLESE", "languageUrl": "it/en"} Why was Valtteri Bottas' first ever single-seater win like the first drop from a ketchup bottle? In the immediate aftermath of clinching a historic sixth F1 title, Lewis Hamilton reflects on his remarkabl... Take a behind the scenes look at Lewis Hamilton's tour of the PETRONAS Twin Towers at the heart of Kuala Lu... Our two drivers on 2018 reflections, learnings and more... Lewis on a remarkable weekend in Brazil, in which the team clinched the Constructors’ crown. Within our factory in... 20 November 2020. Mercedes-Benz, through its subsidiary Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Limited, is currently involved in Formula One as a constructor under the name of Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team.The team is based in Brackley, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom, using a German licence. ESS Pack Validation before GP Race. [ Remember La'Trai from last year's Bose surprise video? When you see Project ONE on track for the first time. Mercedes-Technikchef James Allison ist überzeugt: Die Erfolgssträhne eines Teams hält an, solange es nicht Opfer der eigenen Selbstgefälligkeit wird. Over to you, Valtteri Bottas! ], [ I Hope We Can Maintain the Momentum - Toto, My Job in 60 Seconds | Valtteri Bottas - F1 Driver, PETRONAS F1 Track Guide: Portimão First Laps. The car with its characteristic doors reminiscent of the wings of a seagull was manufactured by Daimler-Benz between 1954 and 1957 as a road-ready version of the 300 SL racing car. Formula 1 - ERS Development. ], [ Mercedes-AMG develops the most powerful series-built engines for Mercedes-Benz. UNBOXING: Valtteri's 2020 Helmet Reveal!! Toto's Trip Down Memory Lane at the Nordschleife, PETRONAS F1 Track Guide: The Nürburgring, Fantasy Island: The Engineering Station EXPLAINED. - Test report and Data analysis. Currently, the Schaffhausen watch manufacturer’s partnerships are founded on three pillars: The partnership is founded on the many parallels that exist between motor sport’s premier competition and the world of haute horlogerie.  {"language": "DEUTSCH", "languageUrl": "de"}, Mulberry Schools Trust Launches STEM Academy with Mercedes F... 2020 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix F1 Race Debrief. ], [ The cars were driven by 2008 World Drivers' Champion Lewis Hamilton and Nico … Lewis Hamilton's First Look at the Project ONE on Track! These fabulous machines are assembled at the factory by a single mechanic as part of the company’s “one man, one engine” philosophy. ], [ ], [ Woo hoo! The agreement began with the AMG performance car division in 2004, was transferred to the Formula One team in 2010, and was renewed in 2014 through 2018. {"language": "РУССКИЙ", "languageUrl": "ru"} Testing of ESS/ERS System. Andrew Shovlin tackles your Emilia Romagna GP questions, covering the two-day weekend format, Lewis’ seat a... #HIS7ORY: In a season like no other, the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team secures a historic seventh consecuti... Valtteri and Lewis lock out the front row of the grid for the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team in close qualif... Toto throws forward to this weekend’s Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, which marks Formula One’s return to histor... It’s a supersized F1 Race Debrief this week, as James Allison answers all of the big questions from the Por... Kalie is a Silverstone marshal who got in touch with us about promoting diversity in motorsport. If you remember our first episode of this series, we covered the origin of motor racing, including the birth of Grand Prix racing and the start of Formula 1 in 1950. Mercedes AMG F1 is the team that rose from the ashes of Brawn GP which in turn bailed out Honda Racing F1 Team. Awarded the Three-Star Certificate in the FIA’s Environmental Accreditation Programme…. {"language": "한국어 ", "languageUrl": "ko"} {"language": "ENGLISH", "languageUrl": "en"}, Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team Announcement. And it's... Valtteri Bottas 2.0 is so 2019. {"language": "简体中文", "languageUrl": ""} ], [ The Mercedes F1 W05 Hybrid, originally known as the Mercedes F1 W05, was a highly successful Mercedes-Benz Formula One racing car designed and developed under the direction of Aldo Costa, Paddy Lowe, Geoff Willis, John Owen and Mike Elliott to compete in the 2014 FIA Formula One World Championship. Driving skills meet great craftsmanship: Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton visits the Mercedes-Benz plant at Sindelfingen. ], [ Register online now to personalize your account, receive updates or catalogues, manage your orders and wish lists. J'assiste aux Grands Prix de Formule 1 afin de m’assurer que tout se déroule correctement. Â. ], [ {"language": "ITALIANO", "languageUrl": "it/it"}, Mercedes Win Constructors' World Championship with 1-2 Victo... Rate of Learning Crucial at Imola – Toto, 2020 Portuguese Grand Prix F1 Race Debrief. In the quest for top performance, IWC Schaffhausen and its partners in the world of racing share an international reputation for ultimate perfection in their respective industries. Je suis maintenant ingénieur course et développeur de nouveaux produits. Mar 9, 2018 - Explore fashionwatches's board "IWC Ingenieur" on Pinterest. IWC Schaffhausen also has close links, as partners, with the two Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team drivers: five-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton and his team mate Valtteri Bottas. The event started at 3pm in the Mercedes-Benz/AMG/IWC skybox at the Zandvoort Race Track. ], [ The new boutique has been furnished in the style of “IWC Racing Works”. So, we thought we'd get our expert tour g... Toto looks ahead to the 15th round of the 2020 F1 season, at the Bahrain International Circuit. Mercedes a choisi de lui adjoindre celui qui était jusqu'ici l'ingénieur performance de Lewis Hamilton, Riccardo Musconi. IN WORDS: The Team Spirit is Only Getting Better - Valtteri, IN WORDS: Lewis Really Deserves This Title - Valtteri, IN WORDS: I Need to Keep Hungry - Valtteri, WATCH: Valtteri Bottas on His First Ever Race Win. {"language": "ENGLISCH", "languageUrl": "de/en"} Take a look at how Lewis Hamilton reacted! Tagged: Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Formula 1, Formula One racing, HRH Prince Abdulaziz Turki Al Faisa, Ingenieur Chronograph, IWC, iwc ingenieur collection, IWC Schaffhausen, Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1, Nico Rosberg. {"language": "ANGÄ»U", "languageUrl": "en"} At Renault Sport Racing, we are going through an incredibly exciting period in our 40-year history in Formula 1. The stainless steel model, Ref. The team’s car is the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL „Gullwing“, one of the most iconic sports cars ever built. - Improvement of the performance and the reliability of ESS. {"language": "FRANSÉISCH", "languageUrl": "fr"} {"language": "繁體中文 ", "languageUrl": "zh-tw"}, Mercedes’ modern F1 revival started with the creation of a works squad for 2010 - the platform for a meteoric rise up the Grand Prix order. Ride onboard with Esteban Gutierrez as he tackles the iconic and historic Goodwood Circuit in the W08, for ... We recently put out a call for your questions for Lewis, and wow... you delivered! One extraordinary highlight was the Ingenieur Constant-Force Tourbillon (Ref. Which job do you want to see us cover next... We just couldn't wait for our first look at Portimão! {"language": "ENGLISH", "languageUrl": "gb/en"} {"language": "ENGLISH", "languageUrl": "en"} {"language": "Angličtina", "languageUrl": "en"} ], [ IWC is a partner of the Cousteau Society and dedicated to protect the ocean life and support the explorations and observations of ecosystems all over the world. November 24, 2016 Currently the hardest ceramic available, it is as hard as a diamond and as light as aluminium. The Boss and the six-time Champ sat down with Martin Brundle earlier this year for a captivating and wide-r... New year = New gear! {"language": "FRANÇAIS", "languageUrl": "fr"} {"language": "ITALIANO", "languageUrl": "it"} Preparing for Portimão: Mike Talks Tyres, Tarmac, Set-Up and... Esteban and W08 Take to the Track at Goodwood Speedweek! Listen to some team radio. ], [ ], [ See more ideas about Iwc, Iwc watches, Watches for men. Official sponsor of Mercedes Petronas Formula 1 team has released on the market a collection of four IWC Ingenieur Chronograph Racer, specifically designed for the Mercedes F1 Team. AMG’s roots go all the way back to motor sport. 80110.This Ingenieur Automatic, Ref. This is the role of the Pilot’s watch, which also refers to air-inspired watches. ], [ I'm so proud to be a part of this." ], [ {"language": "ENGLISH", "languageUrl": "en"}, My job in 60 seconds is back! These exceptional talents are two of IWC Schaffhausen’s Friends of the Brand and share a fascination for mechanical timepieces. … Coincidently, Mercedes played a major role in both of these! ], [ The team also participated in the Arosa ClassicCar, a famous mountain race in the breathtaking landscape of the Swiss Alps. Maximum quality and performance, genuine pioneering spirit and craftsmanship: IWC Schaffhausen shares many fundamental values with the high-performance specialists at Mercedes-AMG. Until now, racing legends such as David Coulthard, Karl Wendlinger and Bernd Schneider have taken turns in the cockpit of the „Gullwing“. My Job in 60 Seconds | PETRONAS Trackside Fluid Engineer, James Allison: r/Formula1 Ask Me Anything, Board Members Confirmed for Hamilton Commission. Maybe IWC ingenieur amg carbon imitation watch new 40mm wide Ingenieur apparel watch was the most talked about new Ingenieur bit for 2013, but for those who enjoy bigger sport watches, these more simple-dialed Ingenieur pieces will fit the bill. {"language": "Engleski", "languageUrl": "en"} It's taken ages, but it's FINALLY time to see Valtteri's new helmet design for the 2020 F1 season! The fans had plenty of questions to ask Valtteri after the 2019 F1 season... so, he drafted in some help an... Join Valtteri Bottas on an exclusive tour of the Pengerang Integrated Complex, PETRONAS' Malaysian mega-pro... Valtteri reflects on a tough race, but the ideal end result... Valtteri talks battling against tyre wear and Lewis' fifth title, A tough weekend but more valuable points in the bag for Valtteri, who's only looking upwards. Front-Row Lock Out for Mercedes in Bahrain: Lewis P1, Valtte... Lewis Fastest on Friday in Bahrain, Valtteri P3. ], [ {"language": "ENGLISH", "languageUrl": "en"} Delphine Biscaye – Ingénieur en Mécanique, Chef de projet et Directrice spor-tive, Venturi Formula E Team Gemma Hatton – Ingénieur Pneumatique F1 sur circuit, Pirelli Tyre S.p.A Cristiana Pace – Consultante en recherche, FIA Kathryn Richards – Technicienne Essais en soufflerie, Mercedes AMG Petro-nas Formula One Team Mercedes F1 Team Achieves FIA Three-Star Environmental Accre... Bahrain Always Presents an Interesting Challenge - Toto. Vehicle Dynamics. Lewis Hamilton Reunited with his Six F1 Championship Cars. {"language": "ESPAÑOL", "languageUrl": "es"} ], [ In 2019, David Coulthard took first place in the Tony Gaze Trophy. ], [ ], [ {"language": "ANGLŲ", "languageUrl": "en"} Fault analysis of ESS, Diagnostics & Validation. {"language": "Angol", "languageUrl": "en"} {"language": "Αγγλικά", "languageUrl": "en"} Since then, the IWC Racing Team has been competing at selected historic racing events. - Development support of F1 Engines on Dyno. Catching Up with The Champ: Lewis Answers YOUR Questions! Asphalt. We're geeking out about F1 tyres with Mike, learning all about the craz... Esteban and the Mercedes F1 W08 were in action at the recent Goodwood Speedweek - combining the greatest el... Toto looks ahead to Round 12 of the 2020 Formula One season, the returning Portuguese Grand Prix. ], [ As a partner of the Fondation Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, IWC Schaffhausen is committed to helping children and young people in disadvantaged circumstances. Schaffhausen, 29 November 2019 – IWC Schaffhausen has dedicated two extraordinary limited edition Pilot’s Watches to Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport. IWC. {"language": "ENGLISH", "languageUrl": "en"}, The factory was bustling over the winter to develop, manufacture, assemble and test new components and systems for the new W11. The lowdown from Lewis #HAMIL7ON on the day he was crowned a SEVEN-time F1 World Champion! {"language": "ENGLISH", "languageUrl": "ch/en"}, 3225) recalls the many years of cooperation between IWC and AMG, the high-performance arm of Mercedes-Benz. Career opportunities on Ferrari Corporate, a list of current open positions and means of access for sending your Curriculum Vitae to work for Ferrari. Over 100’000 parts were checked in inspection with 40’000 components tested in non-destructive testing to make sure they were up to the Standards the team requires; Over 8’000 drawn parts created and put through the manufacturing and testing process. - Dyno testing (Vibration and Power Unit, ERS). Recently, we did an Ask Me Anything on r/Formula1 with our Technical Director, James Allison. The Ingenieur Automatic AMG Black Series Ceramic (Ref. I have recently returned from touring Europe with my family. 3227 strongly recalled Genta's Ingenieur SL but was an all-new design in a 42.5 mm case. Ingénieur de formation, j’ai commencé à travailler chez Brembo en 2005. IW322701, was joined by a titanium-cased co-branded Mercedes AMG model, Ref. The new car proudly carries the “EQ performance” designation which stands for mercedes-amg’s hybrid models, showcasing how f1 technology is pioneering the future of motor racing and automotive technology in general. Lewis Wins the Turkish Grand Prix and Claims his Seventh Wor... Tough Qualifying for Mercedes in Istanbul. {"language": "ENGLESCH", "languageUrl": "en"}, "It's amazing to see the craftsmanship. In 2010, it unveiled the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and in 2014, this model found a worthy successor in the Mercedes AMG GT. ], [ These are the reasons for IWC’s close involvement with the world of motor sport. {"language": "ภาษาอังกฤษ", "languageUrl": "en"} The development of high-performance cars and the multiple facets of the motor racing and haute horlogerie worlds have much in common: they both depend on high-tech materials, world-class engineering, ultimate performance and ongoing innovation. The Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team regrets to announce that Lewis Hamilton has tested positive for COVID-19 ... Lewis Wins Bahrain Grand Prix Lewis wins the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix with Valtteri in P8 {"language": "ENGLISH", "languageUrl": "en"}, ], [ Challenges of triple-headers, new regulations, upside down F1 cars and more! Difficult day for the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team in tricky conditions at Istanbul. upgraded its Ingenieur collection of sports watches in 2013, incorporating design touches inspired by the brand’s partnership with the Mercedes-Benz AMG Petronas Formula One racing team.. Jump onboard our 2020 #F1 car - the all-new #W11 - as Lewis Hamilton heads out for his first lap o... One man. {"language": "INGLISE", "languageUrl": "en"} Among the models in the line is the Ingenieur Chronograph Silberpfeil, which pays tribute to a classic race car. {"language": "DEUTSCH", "languageUrl": "de/de"}, {"language": "繁體中文 ", "languageUrl": "zh-tw"} {"language": "繁體中文", "languageUrl": "zh-tw"}, {"language": "FRANÇAIS", "languageUrl": "fr/fr"}, {"language": "ENGLISH", "languageUrl": "us/en"} But equally important are passion, a pioneering spirit and teamwork. Valtteri and Valtteri Answer Your Fan Questions! Renault Sport have been a presence within Formula 1 for 40 years and we are embarking in a truly exciting period in our history. ], [ After a word of welcome and getting to know all the other guests, it was time to get some information about all the IWC Ingenieur novelties that were presented to the press and retailers at the SIHH in January (our SIHH report on IWC can be found here). The 2013 Ingenieur watch collection had been completely overhauled and came with high complicated watch making. ], [ The two companies have maintained their partnership since 2004. ], [ Meet En De, one of our PETRONAS Fluid Engineers! ], [ ], [ Lewis and Valtteri intend to pull out all the stops in the battle to win the Constructors' Championship. {"language": "FRANÇAIS", "languageUrl": "fr"}, IWC Ingenieur Silberpfeil IWC has paid due reverence to the Mercedes Silver Arrows of the 1930s with the IWC Ingenieur Silberpfeil. ], [ ], [ What Can We Expect from the Bahrain Outer Track? The Schaffhausen -based watch manufacturer discovered the use of ceramic – or, more specifically, zirconium oxide – for the watch industry as early as 1986. This year wasn’t so good for Mercedes Formula 1 Team in World Championship, but former glory in past years inspired IWC Schaffhausen to make the watches modeled on the prestigious brand. ], [ The BR-X1 was one of three releases made in collaboration with the Renault Sport Team, combining a hi-tech Carbone Forgé case with a colourful dial inspired by the layout and livery of an F1 tiller. ], [ ], [ Turkey was the last race of the 2020 F1 season for our motorhome. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for IWC Ingenieur Chronograph Racer for MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One IW378509 at the best online prices at … Previously reserved to the Ingenieur line, with the integrated bracelet and shaped case, the new AMG editions are no longer based on this collection – the Ingenieur of today is dedicated to classic motor racing, not to technical, modern F1. {"language": "FRANÇAIS", "languageUrl": "ch/fr"} Meet Jonathan, Senior Trackside IT Support Engineer – responsible for ensuri... Lewis and Valtteri claim a 1-2 finish at the 2020 Portuguese Grand Prix, with Lewis setting a new Formula O... Bitumen. {"language": "ANGLIČTINA", "languageUrl": "en"} In 2017, IWC Schaffhausen founded its own motorsport team. Lewis invited him to join us at Silverstone this yea... Mercedes-Benz shares his vision: to create a sustainable future. {"language": "日本語", "languageUrl": "ja"} This detailed review of the IWC Ingenieur Silberpfeil includes live images and specification details. Meet Ryan, Composite Paint Technician for the Team! ], [ Applied Science steps up to support paralysed racing cyclist in his aim of winning the Cybathlon 2020. Lewis: Leaving a Legacy, Mental Health and More with the Ren... Lewis and La’Trai, Surprise Virtual Garage Tour, Lewis Hamilton and the VISION EQS: What Really Counts. In 2015, as a token of recognition for this masterpiece of Performance Engineering, IWC Schaffhausen launched the Ingenieur Automatic Edition “AMG GT” in a tiny edition of just 25 watches. To honor the partnership with Mercedes-AMG, IWC launched this special piece. Please sign in here by entering your email address and your password. Composites Assembly Senior Technician (Nightshift) UK00437. Factory Friday: Mike Elliott Answers Your Questions! It’s been nine years since Formula One’s most recent race at the Intercity Istanbul Park in Turkey and the ... Toto looks ahead to the 14th round of the 2020 Formula One season, as we return to Turkey…. {"language": "English", "languageUrl": "en"} ], [ The IWC Ingenieur Chronograph Sport Edition “50th Anniversary of Mercedes-AMG” (reference IW380902) is a 250-piece limited edition flyback chronograph in titanium with a bright white dial. IWC Schaffhausen is one of the main sponsors of the Laureus Sport for Good, an organization that brings together top-flight sport and social commitment at a high level. 😍😍😍 Unboxing our 2020 F1 team kit with Lewis Hamilton! While perhaps gold would have been more fitting for a 50th, titanium seems a more natural fit for both AMG and the Ingenieur ethos. Guess the race. Diversity and Inclusivity in Motorsport with F1 Marshal, Kal... My Job in 60 Seconds | Jonathan – Trackside IT, Lewis Scores 92nd Grand Prix Victory, Valtteri P2. {"language": "ANGLAIS", "languageUrl": "fr/en"} Everything You Need to Know About F1 Esports! {"language": "Enska", "languageUrl": "en"} In 2020, the IWC Racing Team moved into its new home, the all-new flagship boutique on the “home straight” of Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse. Lewis Wins Laureus World Sportsman of the Year! ], Big Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar Edition “Lewis Hamilton”, Pilot's Watch TOP GUN Perpetual Calendar Boutique Edition, Big Pilot’s Watch Annual Calendar Edition “150 Years”. The company is also well known for its groundbreaking in-house developments. Lewis Hamilton: Emotions of a Six-Time F1 World Champion, IN WORDS: Lewis & Valtteri's Abu Dhabi Debrief, IN WORDS: The Greatest Team Effort I Can Remember - Lewis, IN WORDS: It Just Doesn't Feel Real - Lewis, WATCH: Lewis Hamilton - Emotions of an F1 World Champion, IN WORDS: Lewis & Valtteri's Japan Debrief, IN WORDS: Lewis & Valtteri's Russia Debrief, GALLERY: Lewis at the PETRONAS Orchid Run & Ride 2018, Mercedes Confirms Valtteri Bottas for 2021 F1 Season. Mode ingénieur (Page 1) / Classe A W176 / passionné(e)s de Mercedes-Benz, visitez le forum pour en découvrir davantage. ], [ Lewis and Valtteri decode a tricky weekend in Russia... Go behind the scenes with Lewis and PETRONAS at the Orchid Run & Ride. {"language": "DEUTSCH", "languageUrl": "ch/de"}, Lewis talks tough Championship battles, picking up a remarkable fifth title and how he wants to be remember... Lewis Hamilton reflects on how much a fifth Formula One World Championship title means to him and his famil... Our drivers talk fantastic atmospheres, race weekend targets and potential Championship deciders ahead of t... Our drivers talk making strides and applying pressure after finishing 1-2 in Suzuka. IWC Schaffhausen and the world of racing | IWC Partnerships IWC Schaffhausen is a partner with Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team and driver Lewis Hamilton (a multi-time Grand Prix winner) is an IWC brand ambassador. Valtteri and Lewis Finish Friday Practice in Istanbul in P3 ... Mercedes Brings F1 Know-How to Support Paralysed Racing Cycl... We Face a Number of Unknowns in Turkey – Toto, The Leading Edge of Design with INEOS TEAM UK. {"language": "DEUTSCH", "languageUrl": "de"}, Mercedes-AMG is the Mercedes high-performance brand and produces the most powerful series models in the German car manufacturer’s range. ], [ With following a path towards electrificat... Would you like to speed date with Lewis and Valtteri? An F1 steering wheel for your wrist. Self-Belief, Positive Mindsets, Growing Through Success and ... UNBOXING: Lewis' First Look at the 2020 Team Kit, Lewis Hamilton Named Laureus Sportsman of the Year. Lewis Visits the Mercedes-Benz Plant in Sindelfingen. {"language": "ENGLISH", "languageUrl": "en"} At this year’s Goodwood Members’ Meeting, IWC Schaffhausen and Mercedes-AMG marked ten years of their partnership by presenting an innovative new watch and a spectacular race. {"language": "INGLÊS", "languageUrl": "en"} ], [ {"language": "Angielski", "languageUrl": "en"} The Swiss luxury watch manufacturer showcased the new ‘AMG GT’ edition of the Ingenieur Automatic – the world’s first watch to feature a case made of pure boron carbide. {"language": "ENGLANTI", "languageUrl": "en"} Easy. Guess the Grand Prix with Valtteri and Lewis! IWC has a long-running partnership with the AMG division of Mercedes-Benz (now known as Mercedes-AMG), which has resulted in a series of timepieces under the IWC Ingenieur brand.